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Exploring Riga in a Grand Style.

Riga viewIf you want to get the most out of your Riga tours you need to find an excellent house that you can establish as your place of stay and explore the city that way you wanted to. The good thing with Riga is that it has numerous classy and affordable hotels you can choose from. So it does not matter how many days you are staying in the city or what your budget is, you are likely to find a hotel of your choice in this Baltic city. Though you will find hotels spread out evenly across the city, it is the Old Town area that you will catch your fancy as this area has several popular hotels concentrated over a small area. The best part in selecting a hotel in this part of town is that you can cover many places of interest in Riga without tiring a lot. A number of shopping centers are also located in and around the Old Town area!

Riga’s Old Town area is where all the action is! Though this area is an old one, there are a lot of activities going on here. Therefore, if you are able to locate a hotel in this part of the town for your staying purpose, then rest assured you will have a memorable time. Besides several shopping centers that you will locate here, the surrounding streets of the Old Town area have several interesting places for you to visit. Some of them include: the Statue of Roland, the iconic House of Blackheads, St. Peter’s Church, the Museum of Occupations, the Town Hall, the Sun Museum, the Porcelain Museum and St. John’s Church. You will also come across Riga Castle at the edge of the Old Town. Here you will find two museums – the Museum of Foreign Art and the National History Museum of Latvia.

Tours in Riga gets a new meaning when you select one of the hotels in the Old Town area. There are several clubs and bars in and around the Old Town area besides numerous shopping complexes. If you are staying in the city for a day or two, then this is certainly the place you need to be staying in. The hotels based here offer value to your money and will make sure that your trip is a happy one.

There are many Riga hotels located close to the city’s main airport. The best part in selecting these hotels is that you can reach the city center easily as it is located just 8km away. The bus services between the airport and the city center is excellent and therefore you will have no problem in traveling between your hotel and city center.

In addition to several places of interest in Riga, excursions in Riga can be made more colorful and memorable if you able to make yourself available for Riga festivals and mega events that are regularly celebrated in the city. Riga, in fact, has always been high on theater, drama, art and music. And the best way to explore all these facets of the city is to stay in one of its popular hotels at the time of these activities. The National Song and Folk Dance festival that is organized once every 4 years is worth visiting while you are here. This mega event draws more than 35,000 people from all across the world and is therefore worth being a part of!

Most of the hotels you will find in Riga are between 2-Star and 5-Star. Therefore, no matter what your budget is, you will easily find a hotel according to your taste and budget. If your travel budget is limited you can opt for a 2 star hotel. However, if you are sitting high on cash then opt for a 5 star facility. Besides these star hotels, Riga also has several accommodation centers that offer family hotels, pet friendly hotels, romantic hotels, casino hotels, business hotels, historic hotels, boutique hotels, self catering hotels, etc. The hotels that are based away from the Riga city center generally tend to be less expensive as compared to the hotels based at the center of the city.

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